Eve Taylor Professional Exfoliation Peels


What do Eve Taylor Peels do?

They help correct the skin of sun damage, pigmentation, acne, light scars & fine lines & wrinkles. With deep exfoliation of the Epidermis layer there is no downtime and no risk of permanent damage of the Dermis layer. These peels uncover layers of new healthy skin but does not penetrate the deeper layers like Medical grade peels of Dermotologists and Medi Spa's. Because there is no downtime you can get on with your life immediately after the first peel!

How many peels will I need?

You will need a series of 3 or 6 peels, depending on the results you are trying to achieve. I do suggest for those over 35 a series of 6 peels would be best. After the first peel your skin will look more radiant, youthful & just amazing!

What is in the Eve Taylor Peels?

The acids in these peels are 30% strength, the highest allowed for Aestheticians in the state of Connecticut.

Azelaic Acid- derived from wheat, barley & rye

Mandelic Acid- an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) derived from bitter almonds

Lactic Acid- derived from fermented milk

Salicylic Acid- derived from willow tree bark

Gylcolic Acid- (AHA) derived from sugar cane

TCA- Trichloroacetic Acid

These acids help stimulate new collagen & elastin, reduce inflammation, redness,  pigmentation, dryness, excess oil & fine lines & wrinkles. They are antiseptic & antibacterial & helps with acne. They have a bleaching effect & help with cell regeneration. They are safe for sensative skin, couperose andthose with rosacea.

***For a full description & warnings of peels please look under "Frequently Asked Questions" section for "What is a Peel?"

***Eve Taylor Peels are for current clients only. If you are interested in a series of peels a skin analysis and facial to prep the skin is required.

How much do these peels cost?

Each peel is $80 plus $50 in take home product needed for protection and maintenance of the skin during these treatment series.

A package of 3 peels, take home product & hydrating facial is discounted to $315 if paid in full before the start of the peels. regular price $375

A package of 6 peels is discounted to $495 if paid in full before the start of the peels. regular price $615

***Each peel is tailored to your skins individual needs & the type of peel will be determined by the Aesthetician.


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