Add On Services

These add on treatments can be added to any facial

Microdermabrasion  $40

Ion Therapy $25

**Ion Therapy uses an electrical charge to deliver product further into the deeper layers of the skin & helps stimulate collagen & elastin. Do not use if allergy to metal, pacemaker or other medical/electrical device

Decollete $25

Eye Treatment w/Ion Therapy $25

Lip Treatment $5

Paraffin Hand Wax $10

Manuel lymphatic Drainage $5

**The benefits of MLD: Using Eve Taylor Essential Oils, a gentle massage encourages the natural drainage of the lymphatic system to rid itself of toxins & fluid build up in cells. These small movements stimulate lymph flow to the vessels & lymph nodes & are then pushed out to the cardiovascular system, while improving sinuses, reducing puffiness & breakouts



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